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Subject: College Days - Part 7Swimming on the team was going well and we looked like we had a good chance
at winning our first meet which was going to be in a couple of weeks.
Coach had the idea that we shave every part of our body that would be
exposed to reduce drag and hopefully improve our times.As we changed in the locker room, Greg, the leader of the team, decided
that it would be easier if we shaved each other and that night’s unofficial
practice would be the perfect time to do it. We all agreed to start the
session with timed laps, then shave, and then timed laps to see if we had
shaved some time as well as all the hair.We met at the pool and stripped down for the first laps. You could tell
from the nervous laughter that we were all hesitant about loosing our
prized body hair. Times were recorded for each of us and then it was off
to the shower for our date with the razors.It was decided to pair off and shave each other and Greg and I would trade
shaving duties. It wasn’t a very even trade and he only had had light hair
on his arms and legs and I was covered from my neck down. We moved into
the showers and I lathered him up.I started with his pits and noticed that with each scrape of the razor, his
cock would jump like I had given him an electric shock.. By the time I had
finished his arms, he was fully erect. I knelt down behind him and shaved
the back of his legs. Even though his butt was hairless, I lathered his
cheeks and went through the motions for the fun of it.Greg turned around so I could attack the front of his legs. His dick was
rock hard with a drop of precum peeping out the slit, so I licked it up
before starting Pthc Lolitas on his toes. As I shaved higher, Greg’s tool kept
throbbing and bouncing on my head which got me hotter. I was finally up to
the top of his legs and told him to spread them so I could shave between
them. He gasped when I grabbed his balls and pulled them out of the way.Before finishing his legs, I sucked his cockhead into my mouth and drained
his tube of precum again. Greg was on tiptoes when the razor started
bumping under his stretched out sac, and the ooze dribbled out on my arm.I sat back to admire my work and decided that it wasn’t picture perfect, so
I grabbed his cock, pushed it down, and took a big swipe with the razor
through his pubes before he knew what was happening. Greg shouted “What
the hell” when he realized what I had done. I explained that we should
shave everywhere that was exposed when we swam, which meant his pubes too
since they were on show during the late practice.He protested at first, but when he saw how lopsided his bush looked, he
nervously agreed to let me finish the job. I grabbed his dick again and
started in. He made some feeble remarks about being careful and not cut it
off. I was gentle with him, and had to continually stroke around to make
sure that it was smooth. And since I was in the neighborhood, I shaved his
balls too.Just as I took the last swipe, his rod started jerking in my hand. I knew
he was about to blow and didn’t want it to go down the drain, so I popped
it in my mouth. Three sucks and I was rewarded with the biggest load I had
ever had. It seemed like he would never stop shooting and I had to swallow
twice or risk an overflow before he finished.As I held Greg under the shower and rinsed him off, we looked around and
saw that the others were following our lead and shaving their partner’s
pubes. We relaxed under the warm water as half of the team finished their
shave and blew their loads down hungry throats.And then it was time for the rest of us to loose our hair. Greg was still
protesting that he had the biggest job of all since I was so hairy. The
other guys said they would help when they finished their partners, so round
2 began.Greg started on my arms and seemed to be doing okay, but I noticed that the
others were either finishing up chests or working on legs. And erections
were everywhere. Pthc Lolitas Greg lathered up my chest and started pinching my
nipples, saying that he had to get those puppies up and out so he wouldn’t
cut them off. I shuddered as he started taking short scrapping strokes
which he Pthc Lolitas
had to do to get through the forest.He managed to get around my nips with no damage and slowly worked his way
on down to my bush. We started hearing the others finish their sessions
with a bj and shower as Greg finished my abdomen and was ready to start on
my back.Help arrived and it was decided that I should spread out on the floor so he
could attack my back and two others would work on my legs. I had just
managed to get my stiff shaft arranged and relaxed on the floor. The guys
working on my legs were going pretty slow, but Greg was zipping down my
back with amazing speed.I felt the razor running up onto my left cheek and Greg mutter “what the
hell”. I asked what was going on and he said that he had to shave my butt
to make sure that no hair would be left and cause drag while I swam. I
thought he was finished when I felt the razor slid between my buns and make
a swipe. He said that he had to go in so there would be no hairs sticking
out.Josh and Peter volunteered to help spread me open to make the job easier
for Greg. The spread me open and Greg jumped in, lathering me up and even
shoving a slick finger up my ass. There was a lot of rubbing by all three
to make sure that there was no stubble, with my attention paid to my
asshole than I could take. Luckily Pthc Lolitas the guys working on the back of my legs
were finished because my whole body contorted and I shot a big load of
cream.I regained control and rolled over to get the job finished. Greg started
on my pubes Pthc Lolitas while Josh and Peter finished my legs. I think Greg did more
squeezing and stroking than necessary, but I didn’t complain and got
another boner. I did tense up when he was running the blade up and down
the lower quarter of my cock to get the hair growing there.Greg had barely finished my sac when I knew I was going to loose another
load. He jumped on it and sucked like a maniac to make sure he would get it
all. I couldn’t believe I shot such a big second load, and Greg got it
all.We left the showers to check out our new look in the mirrors. It was quite
a shock to see myself as smooth as I looked in my baby pictures! And also
a bit of a turn-on But I felt something was wrong. I still had a full head
of hair. I hated the swim cap anyway, so I asked Greg if he would shave my
head too. After a stunned silence in the locker room, he agreed and we all
went back to the showers.After the hair came off and I showered again, it was back to the mirror. I
liked the look, and evidently everyone else did as they decided to finish
the job on each other as well. Another trip to the mirrors for all. As an
afterthought, I took the razor and swiped off my eyebrows. A quick flurry
of activity from the others and he only hair left in the Pthc Lolitas
room was our
eyelashes.We decided that we were too tired to do more timed laps and would wait
until practice the Pthc Lolitas next day.
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